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Have a Camper?
Why not Rent it out?

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Many individuals invest in campers with dreams of frequent getaways and adventures. However, the reality often is that these campers spend more time parked in driveways or storage than out on the open road. This inactivity represents not just a dormant asset, but also a missed financial opportunity.

Renting out one's camper can be an excellent way to monetize this investment. By doing so, owners can offset maintenance costs, monthly payments, or even turn a profit. Furthermore, it provides a chance for others to experience the joy of camping without the long-term commitment of owning a camper. In essence, renting out a seldom-used camper is a win-win, transforming a stationary vehicle into a dynamic source of income.




Hey there, fellow camper owner! Wondering how the whole cosigning thing with THEO works? Let's get you in the loop:

  1. Safe & Sound: Once you partner up with us, your camper will have a cozy spot at THEO. We ensure it’s safely stored when not in use.

  2. Spick & Span: We've got you covered with cleaning and minor touch-ups. But remember, bigger maintenance stuff like A/C issues or engine repairs? That's on your tab.

  3. We Deliver: No worries about moving the camper here and there. We handle all the deliveries. Check out addendum A for the full scoop.

  4. Sharing the Loot: When your camper's out and about, we'll take care of the fees: cleaning, delivery, and insurance. After that, we split the remaining rental income down the middle. Fifty-fifty. Fair's fair!

  5. Oops, Accidents Happen: If a renter treats your camper rough, we're on it. We'll let them know, invoice them, and get things sorted.

  6. Deposit & Insurance: Renters give us a security deposit for your camper. This safeguards against potential damages. Plus, we provide liability insurance to ensure you're protected against any mishaps during the rental. If our earnings don't cover insurance, it'll come out of future rentals. And if things wrap up before that's squared away, we'll settle the difference.

  7. Protect Your Ride: While we've got the liability stuff, you'll need to cover the camper's physical insurance. This means if there's any damage to your camper itself, you won't hold THEO responsible.

  8. Contract Duration: It'll renew by itself unless you or we decide to wrap things up. Just give a heads-up at least 30 days before the end date, and we’re good.

Still with us? Great! We're stoked to potentially team up and make the most of your camper. Let’s hit the road together! 

For more information
call 479-259-2267

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