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Consignment Contract

This Contract, entered between:


WHEREAS Owner owns the following described camper:   



WHEREAS Owner and THEO doing business as THEO desire to enter into this agreement under which THEO takes possession of the aforementioned camper and agrees to lease it to paying customers under the following conditions: (Please select each check box to acknowledge the conditions)

(hereinafter, THEO)

(hereinafter, The Owner)


THEO logo

WHEREAS this agreement shall last for the duration of                                         
and shall automatically renew unless either Owner or THEO notifies the other of expiration in writing and no later than 30 days prior to the expiration date. Should this agreement be automatically renewed, it shall renew for the aforementioned, initial duration date.


WHEREAS the parties agree that this agreement shall be governed under the laws of Arkansas and that any disputes hereunder shall be resolved in the Washington County Circuit Court.

WHEREAS the parties agree that any written notice required herein shall be sent to Owner at:

And to THEO at:

Otherwise, the Owner may be contacted by phone at



and THEO may be contacted at.                                     

WHEREAS the parties agree that any provision of this agreement found to be unenforceable shall be severed and the remaining provisions will remain in full force.

WHEREAS the parties agree this Contract represents the entire agreement between the parties and that no additional agreements exist unless amendments to this

Addendum A 

The owner agrees renters can tow campers with approved caution measures. (i.e., ¾ ton truck, stabilizer hitch, etc.)  


Owner allows pets


Owner allows smoking


Owner allows usage of awning


Owner allows long term rentals


Contract is endorsed by the parties and attached hereto.

For The Elevated Outdoors: 


For the Owner:

Thanks for submitting!

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